About AMS Group

Who We Are

AMS Group Inc. is a leading distributor, manufacturer and supplier of engineered aerospace and defense systems, components and subsystems, providing innovative technologies and logistics support to defense and security markets.

We have been active with the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard since our inception, but our companies have also established an excellent reputation in the sales and marketing of equipment and services to those two military departments. Since 2004, we have expanded our activities and offerings to other service elements within the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. We now work routinely with all branches of the military and actively promote and support a broad array of land and air systems.

We provide product sales and marketing services to a range of both U.S. and overseas clients. Our services include:

  • Identification of market opportunities
  • Provision of market assessment studies
  • Monitoring and identification of applicable government and industry procedures and regulations
  • Active promotion and sale of products and services to our military and commercial customers.

We sell it – We support it