Global Presence

AMS Group has a worldwide presence, providing the same capabilities and services to international defense and security markets that we provide to our domestic customers. We offer innovative technologies and equipment supported by a full range of integrated services to these global customers, including:

  • Distribution of aviation spare and replacement parts
  • Qualified repair and overhaul services for military hardware
  • Logistic support and license production of military spares and equipment for foreign military agencies and end-users
  • A full spectrum of integrated security solutions for critical infrastructure, maritime, coastal and transportation applications

From its branch office in Taiwan, AMS Group routinely provides parts distribution and MRO support for an extensive range of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft operating throughout Southeast Asia. AMS Group also maintains a strong presence in Australia, reaching beyond Asia, throughout the Middle East and across Europe.

Despite challenging conditions, our global efforts continue to focus on bringing innovative solutions to partners around the world.

We have always maintained “you can’t sell it if you can’t support it.”

Fortunately for our clients, AMS Group can do both!

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