Meet Our Team

Introducing our executive team, leading our efforts toward our common goal of providing innovative technologies and exceptional logistic support to our customers.

“Team cohesion occurs when a group of individuals feels connected and driven to achieve a common goal. Group members don’t just respect one another; they also trust each other to contribute equally, support each other, and work with the team to move the organization forward.”

Tim Gale


Tim Gale, Chairman
Tim Gale has over 36 years of experience in senior management in the U.S. defense industry. Tim served as President and CEO of AMS Group until January 2020. He also served as chief executive for several U.S.-based joint ventures with European companies seeking to expand their presence in the U.S. defense market. As a result, Tim has gained extensive experience with all aspects of defense procurement and the need for comprehensive through-life integrated logistics support.

Ian Haley

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Haley, Chief Executive Officer
Ian Haley has 30 years of global leadership experience in the marine, aerospace and defense industry. He held leadership positions with Rolls-Royce and subsequently with PaR Systems, serving as President of the PaR Marine Division. Ian has led business integration and improvement programs and implemented growth strategies for in-service product support. Prior to joining AMS Group, Ian served as the Chief Operations Officer of PaR Systems Inc.

Bradley Stevenson

Chief Financial Officer

Bradley Stevenson, Chief Financial Officer
Bradley Stevenson maintains over 12 years of experience in quantitative analysis, leadership, and accounting. Brad has extensive experience accelerating growth and increasing revenue through the development of strategic operation plans.

Jerry Kelly

Chief Operating Officer

Jerry Kelly, Chief Operating Officer

Jerry Kelly is a passionate technical leader focused on driving digital transformation and leading outstanding business results. Jerry has over 27 years of experience in the IT arena and oversees AMS Group’s next-generation strategic technology agenda, which focuses on analytics, cloud, security, and the modern workplace. Before joining AMS Group, Jerry served as Global Chief Technology Officer for the DAS Group of Companies, a division of Omnicom Group, and CEO of DAS’s global IT services company: Consolidated Data Services, Inc. Jerry completed his MBA at William & Mary in 2019.

Robert Janssen

President, Northern Defense Industries

Rob Janssen, President, Northern Defense Industries
Rob Janssen is a retired Navy commander with 20 years of carrier-based aviation experience. Rob managed the RQ-4 Global Hawk acquisition for NATO and led the Sea Control Wing U.S. Pacific Fleet Weapons and Tactics Unit. Prior positions include Director of Washington Operations and Navy Programs at Cubic Defense Applications.

Colin Sullivan

Vice President, Contracts & Compliance

Colin Sullivan, Vice President, Contracts & Compliance
Colin Sullivan is a former U.S. Army Officer with over 27 years of defense industry experience, including market research, program management, proposal management, contracts, compliance and export control. Prior positions include Program Manager, Director of Strategic and Business Development Planning, and Vice President, Strategic Performance Officer at Delex Systems, Inc.

Nolan Lindstrom

Vice President, Distribution

Nolan Lindstrom, Vice President, Distribution
Nolan Lindstrom has over 15 years of experience in defense industry sales and operations relating to military supply chain support and procurement to the U.S. Department of Defense, prime contractors and offshore militaries for equipment used on major air, land and sea platforms.

Marianne Kolodny

Vice President, HR & Employee Development

Marianne Kolodny, Vice President, HR & Employee Development

Marianne is an active CPA with 20+ years of experience in senior financial and administrative management in the commercial construction and government contracting industries. Prior to AMS Group, Marianne spent four years overseeing the financial operations of an international relief nonprofit, with fundraising offices around the world, committed to raising funds necessary for the construction of safer living conditions and quality schools for disadvantaged children living in extreme poverty. Throughout her career, she has acquired a wide array of business experience and knowledge in building strong relationships and communication skills.


Ryan Frommelt

Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Growth

Ryan Frommelt, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Growth

Ryan Frommelt is a former US Navy submarine officer with over 15 years experience in the defense maritime arena. Ryan spent seven years at Rolls-Royce in various roles including as a program executive managing a $30M budget with the US Navy, U.S. Coast guard, Military Sealift Command, and foreign militaries. Prior to joining AMS Group, Ryan led business development and capture teams at L3Harris Technologies, including the capture of a sophisticated $400 million maritime program.

Adam Waterman

Vice President & General Manager, Engineered Solutions

Adam Waterman, Vice President & General Manager, Engineered Solutions

Adam Waterman has over 20 years of experience in the aerospace and defense industry. Adam has led teams in operations, capture, engineering, and product development, and has extensive experience utilizing technology to solve complex problems.

Timothy Delany

Vice President, Business Development

Timothy Delany, Vice President, Business Development
Tim Delany has 35 years of experience developing OEM partnerships, licensed manufacturing and MRO facilities in support of U.S. Department of Defense and foreign military operators, providing cost-effective logistics and fleet readiness support solutions.

Dr. Matthew Wentzel

Vice President, Business Development

Dr. Matthew Wentzel, Vice President, Business Development
Dr. Matthew Wentzel has spent 20 years working with the private sector, nonprofit organizations and federal agencies in building strategic partnerships and developing innovative revenue streams. In addition, Matthew has led business development teams in the United States, Middle East and Europe in the national security and defense arena.

Linda Le - Procurement Representative II Aero International

ADI/AMS Group is a great company to work for!

“Allied Defense Industries/AMS group is a great company to work for.  It is a smaller company that encourages growth, employee input, collaboration, and each other’s successes.  I enjoy the ease of working with team members and management, work flexibility, self-accountability, learning different aspects of the company, interacting with vendors and customers, and continuous improvements.”

Linda Le
Procurement Representative II
Aero International

My work/life balance has never been better!

“I joined AMS Group in January 2018 working in the distribution group and transitioned to the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul team in 2019. We have a small team but an effective team that can rely on each other. What I enjoy most about my employment with the AMS Group is the autonomy allowed in my position. There is no micromanaging and that makes for a comfortable work environment. Secondly, I would say the flexibility the company offers is a huge perk. My manager has always been willing to let me adjust my schedule if needed to attend appointments or for other situations without having to use my paid time off and they are also very willing to work with you when setting your daily schedule. My work/life balance has never been better.”

Lori Arnold
Aero International

Added Value to my Professional Dexterity

“When I began my career with ADI I immediately began learning the business of supporting our military customers. I found myself immersed in a versatile, dynamic, relaxed atmosphere with a professional mindset working alongside colleagues of varying skill sets to reach a common goal. Throughout my employment, we have experienced many changes that have added value to my professional dexterity and promoted a sense of pride in myself, my colleagues and this company. I look forward to growing with and supporting AMS Group through its future endeavors.”

Jennifer Fogle
Senior Procurement Representative
FMS Procurement Manager
Employed since 2006