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Northern Defense Industries, LLC. (NDI), an AMS Group company, is a small business leader offering full-spectrum integrated security solutions for critical infrastructure, maritime & coastal, and transportation applications. NDI specializes in the design, integration, testing, and installation of air, land, sea and subsea surveillance and interdiction systems. Additionally, NDI offers through-life system support and maintenance, including remote and onsite technical assistance, troubleshooting, and training. With extensive experience in both the U.S. and overseas, NDI is capable of operating in a range of environments, from permissive and semi-permissive to austere coastal and littoral.

NDI utilizes an open architecture and technology-agnostic approach to ensure the best value and performance for our customers. We provide a range of sensors, including radars, sonar and electro-optic cameras, with full command-and-control systems, supported by intelligent integration and sensor fusion capability. We deliver value-added capability with subject matter expertise, offering custom-designed security systems to meet each customers’ requirements at any phase in the system lifecycle.


Robert Janssen

President, Northern Defense Industries, and Senior Vice President, Technology

Rob Janssen, President, Northern Defense Industries, and Senior Vice President, Technology
Rob Janssen is a retired Navy commander with 20 years of carrier-based aviation experience. Rob managed the RQ-4 Global Hawk acquisition for NATO and led the Sea Control Wing U.S. Pacific Fleet Weapons and Tactics Unit. Prior positions include Director of Washington Operations and Navy Programs at Cubic Defense Applications.

Dr. Matthew Wentzel

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Dr. Matthew Wentzel, Senior Vice President, Business Development
Dr. Matthew Wentzel has spent 20 years working with the private sector, nonprofit organizations and federal agencies in building strategic partnerships and developing innovative revenue streams. In addition, Matthew has led business development teams in the United States, Middle East and Europe in the national security and defense arena.


AMS Group offers the following capabilities, primarily through its individual business units, with the ability to provide coordination and seamless support to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and exceptional service.

Security and Surveillance System Design and Integration

AMS Group offers integrated security solutions for maritime and coastal environments, critical infrastructure and transportation needs.

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