Sales Representation

AMS Group serves as a sales representative for both legacy platforms and products that support new military programs. We routinely provide the following services to our clients:

Market Evaluation.

We are highly proficient in identifying market opportunities, assessing the competition and evaluating market characteristics. This enables us to prepare and implement successful marketing plans for our customers. We are well-versed in all applicable government procedures and regulations and are constantly monitoring U.S. government programs and commercial opportunities.

Tender Preparation.

We prepare technical, commercial and management tenders.

Contract Management Services.

We provide full contract management services, to include design and application engineering assistance, preparation of full technical documentation and ILS requirements, and shipping, customs clearance and exchange risk management.

Meet the Leadership Team

Dr. Matthew Wentzel

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Dr. Matthew Wentzel, Senior Vice President, Business Development
Dr. Matthew Wentzel has spent 20 years working with the private sector, nonprofit organizations and federal agencies in building strategic partnerships and developing innovative revenue streams. In addition, Matthew has led business development teams in the United States, Middle East and Europe in the national security and defense arena.